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Design Technology Year 5

This week, Year 5 have had lots of fun designing and making bridges. Firstly, we looked at different types of bridges: arch bridges, beam bridges and truss bridges. The children made a simple beam bridge using one sheet of card and found that it collapsed under the weight of around 10 multi link cubes. The children then added a sheet of card to form an arch underneath which was much stronger. The bridge had more support and strength.

We then looked at truss bridges and examined the shapes and thought carefully about how the triangular supports add extra strength. The children made truss bridges using spaghetti and masking tape. They followed instructions carefully and thought about how they could make a strong and sturdy bridge.

They worked well in small groups and were able to communicate effectively to produce some fantastic bridges. Most bridges were able to hold the weight of 11 bean bags! Great job Year 5!


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