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Digestive System

Last week in Year 3 we were learning about the digestive system. We learnt that the mouth is where digestion first starts. First the teeth, chewing and tearing up the food into smaller pieces and then our saliva breaking down the food and turning it mushy. We learnt that our tongue helps to move our food into our oesophagus where it travels to our stomach. In our stomach we have a strong acid that breaks down the food even more. Our food then goes into the small and large intestine. We learnt that the intestines are responsible for breaking food down even more, absorbing the nutrients and solidifying the waste. We then learnt about the key vocabulary rectum and anus, as the waste is then pushed out of our body as poo. We made our own digestive system to digest biscuits and bananas. We used water as saliva, orange juice as the stomach acid and tights as our intestines.


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