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Friday Fun!

Friday 26th January

Every computing lesson begins with a discussion on how to stay safe when online. The children are taught to be SMART.

S = Stay safe

M = never Meet

A = should I Accept?

R = is it Reliable

T = Tell

In year 6, the children continued an exciting topic using green screens.

In year 5, the children continued creating their own databases.

In Year 4, The children continued exploring how to be a news reporter.

In Year 3, This week, the children continued a short topic on touch-typing, focusing on using their right hand.

In Year 2, This week, the children explored using non-binary databases.

In Year 1, This week the children continued to explore simple instructions for direction, which is the beginning of algorithms.

In Reception, the class continued to learn how to login with greater independence. They also played different space jigsaws and an alien matching game.  


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