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Testing Rocks

This term we have been learning about rocks. We have learnt about sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks and how they are formed. We have also learnt about how rocks can be sorted according to their properties. In our latest Science lesson we looked at the word permeable. We learnt that some rocks are permeable and let water passs through and some rocks are impermeable and do not. We thought about how roof tiles would need to be made from impermeable rock to help keep the rain from soaking through into our houses. We had a selection of different rocks and tested them to see if they were permeable or impermeable. We submerged the rocks in water and used our careful observation skills to see if we could see any air bubbles being released from the rocks. We made predictions about whether we thought the rocks would be permeable or not and were all blown away when we submerged chalk into the water. From our local knowledge of chalk, from The Warren, most children knew that it would be permeable but we did not expect so many bubbles to be released!


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