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World of Words: Nouns and Pronouns in Year 4

In the realm of the Year 4 classroom today, literacy took centre stage as our imaginative young minds delved into the magical universe of our class book 'The Land of Roar' by Jenny McLachlan. Today's lesson wasn't just about letters on a page; it was an exploration of nouns and pronouns that hopefully left the children with a new found appreciation for the power of words.

The adventure kicked off with a quest to decipher the difference between nouns and pronouns. With words sprawled across the board, our budding linguists embarked on a mission to categorise and understand the roles each word played in our linguistic landscape. But the journey didn't end there. A lively class discussion unfolded, exploring the art of seamlessly replacing nouns with pronouns.

Drawing inspiration from 'The Land of Roar,' our class became wordsmiths, conjuring their own sentences that transported the reader to the fantastical landscapes of their imagination. The challenge however, wasn't just about using nouns and pronouns—it was about doing so without succumbing to the monotony of repetition.


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