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Year 3 at Beach School

We were all treated to a beautiful morning down at the Sunny Sands for our Beach School session. The children were set a creative challenge and were asked to get into teams and create a sandcastle, with the extra challenge of working together as a unified group. Mr O'Neon inspired the children with magnificent sandcastle sculptures and this certainly ignited the creative flame. The children chose their teams and tools and then set about creating their castles. The teamwork displayed throughout the morning was faultless and their kindness and compassion for each other shone through. We had fossil discoveries, outstanding rocks were found and added to their creations, clay mounds and even a crab joined us for some fun. Once the time was up, the children gathered around each castle, as the team presented their castle creation to us. The children celebrated and supported each group in turn and many house points were awarded for impeccable team work and interesting and imaginative castles. It was a fabulous morning and we cannot wait to get back to the beach next week!


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