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Year 6 Residential to Bewl Water Day 2

Breakfast was at 8am and a huge spread of eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, toast, cereal, yogurts and juice had been prepared by the lovely Tracey. So all fueled up, we went to start the day in three groups to try our hand at archery, wall climbing and axe throwing. This time the weather was lovely and warm and the sun was shining. Everyone joined in and had a great morning, the axe throwing was not as easy as it looked!

At 1pm we went in for a lunch of pasta and salad and then it was time to suit up for the big one! We all had to squeeze ourselves in to a wet suit in readiness to go out on to the paddleboards. For some of us it was a struggle! After that workout, we went and got our buoyancy aids on and we were ready to go down to the water. With the sun still shining, it was ten to a board plus adults and off we went. We had some races to warm up with using the paddles and then we went further out and showed how our diving skills are progressing, some of them with a just a little help from the adults! It was great fun and everyone got to jump off the board as many times as they liked or got to sit on the quieter board and just soak up the sun. (Sorry there are no photos of paddle boarding as nowhere to put a camera!)

When it was time to go in, we all had a hot chocolate and a hot shower and got ready for dinner, which was burgers, hot dogs and chips with apple pie and custard for pudding, delicious.

We went to the park that evening for an hour and then came back to the games room for the rest of the evening. A room inspection was then in order and there were children dashing around all over the place, it was so funny. Mr. Brinkley and myself went round with a clipboard marking everyone out of ten for made beds and tidy floor, we were even met at the door with sweets (a bit of a bribe maybe) but we graciously accepted all the same!


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