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Year 6 Residential to Bewl Water Day 3

Friday, our last day, started with a hearty cooked breakfast. Before we went off to the forest for our Bushcraft activities, we stripped our beds and packed our things, checking that we have left our rooms tidy. Then we all went over to the parachute and sat around the camp fire and listened to our guide talk about how to light a fire. Firstly we set about the woods to collect twigs and sticks for our fires. Then we were given a steel each, and as we have been to Bushcraft in Year 1 at the sports centre most of us remembered how to strike them to get a spark. We then built our fires up to be added to the main camp fire to make that even bigger. After that it was time for a break of juice and biscuits before going back to build bivouacs of our own from the wood around us. As you can see from the photos, some of them were exceptionally well made!

The last thing to do was to toast marshmallows on the fire! Sadly that came to an end and we went back to the dining room for the last time for our lunch of toasted baguettes filled with ham and cheese with salad. We thanked Tracey for all the lovely food that she had prepared for us in the three days we were there and then collected our cases to transfer them to the coach.

The coach journey home was so quiet... only joking, you might think it would be but we were all in full singing mode for about and hour! The children were all exceptionally well behaved and all worked as a team, we couldn't have had a more eventful residential. Well done Year 6!


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