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Building Dreams: A Year 4 Adventure in Architecture

Today, our Year 4 class had an exciting workshop at 'The Glassworks' all about architecture. We talked about what architecture means and discussed beautiful and uniquely designed buildings from around the world. The children thought about their own favourite buildings and even made plans for their own creations.

After sketching out and planning their ideas, we got hands-on with paper, card, tape, scissors, and long straws. The room buzzed with creativity as the children built their mini structures. Then, we put them all together to make our own town!

It was amazing to see the kids thinking like architects, considering where buildings should go and how they fit with their surroundings. The workshop was a hit with our budding architects, sparking their imaginations and teaching them the joy of creating something from scratch.

Getting the creations back to school on a blustery day added an extra element of fun to our adventure (in case you happened to see some pieces of colourful paper straws in The Bayle this afternoon).


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