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Gymnastics Event

This week, children from Years 2,3 5 and 6 were selected to take part in a gymnastics competition at Folkestone Academy. The children were given a floor routine to learn and also a vault option.

It is safe to say, the children absolutely excelled. They knew their routines off by heart and looked extremely polished with pointed toes, extended arms and lovely straight backs. They carried out a series of rolls, jumps and balances with confidence.

In the vault element of the competition, again the children were able to perform two jumps either a pike jump from the spring board or a jump from the vault.

Overall, the children ended up with two bronze medals in the group category which was amazing! Eloise and Alexa were awarded gold medals for the individuals in the Year 5 and 6 category and Sana was awarded a bronze medal for the Year 2 category.

In the little time we had to practise the routines, I think it is safe to say how amazingly well the children did. I am extremely proud of them. They behaved beautifully on the day and demonstrated excellent sportsmanship skills by cheering each other on and working well within their groups.

 A huge thank you to all the of parents for allowing your living rooms to become sports halls over the last few weeks to practise the routines- it definitely paid off!


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