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Young Voices 2024

On Wednesday, Year 5 took part in Young Voices at the O2 Arena in London, along with 9000 other children and what an experience it was!

We were lucky enough to have two suites so we really felt like VIPs for the day. We arrived earlier than planned so ate our lunch before being taken to our suites. The children took part in the warm up and rehearsals so they knew what to expect.

After this, we all ate dinner and were able to relax and play some games before the big event.

The children entertained the audience with a variety of songs and were joined by famous dancers and musicians including Nandi Bushell - a 13 year old drummer who wowed us with her skills and MC Grammar who proved to be firm favourite.

It was amazing to see all the children joining in and soaking up the concert atmosphere. The children behaved so beautifully and it really was an absolute pleasure to experience this with them. It is safe to say that the children were quite tired on Thursday but it really was worth it: memories to last a life time!

Due to a small technical issue, these are just a few of the pictures of our trip. Hopefully part two will follow soon!


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