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A Fun-Filled Friday with Year 6 at St Eanswythe's

Fridays at St Eanswythe's are always a whirlwind of excitement and learning. With a break from the usual routine, the day is filled with adventures that keep us on our toes from start to finish. Join us as we take you through a typical Friday in Year 6!

Our day began as we stepped into the computer suite for an ICT lesson with Mr. O'Neon, learning about the differences between the internet and the World Wide Web. It turns out they're not the same thing at all! We even explored fascinating concepts like HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) diving deep into the language of the web.

After putting our digital skills to the test with a quiz on Purple Mash, we journeyed to our music lesson with Mrs. Dugard. This week, our focus was on the trailblazing women who have shaped the world of music. From Whitney Houston to Madonna, Beyoncé to Taylor Swift, we celebrated their courage in pushing boundaries and redefining genres. We honed in on the legendary Ella Fitzgerald, soaking in her wise words "Music is the universal brings people closer together".

We took a breather in the playground for playtime before immersing ourselves in the beauty of the French language with Mrs. Gerbino. Show and tell took on a French twist as we shared our treasures with the class before diving into the intricacies of French greetings and salutations. Who knew that "bon après midi" had a different direct translation than "good afternoon"?

But the learning didn't stop there! In art class with Mrs. Purver, we unleashed our inner artists as we explored the world of impressionism. Inspired by the works of Monet and Van Gogh, we wielded our brushes with confidence, using short brushstrokes and vibrant colours to create our own masterpieces.

After a well-deserved lunch break, we had a bit of spare time before our PE lesson. Some of us sharpened our times tables skills on TT Rockstars, while others enjoyed some quiet reading. Then, it was time to gear up for PE, where we embarked on an indoor cricket adventure. Despite the rain forcing us indoors, we embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, mastering overarm throwing and perfecting our bowling techniques.

What better way is there to end the day than with a game of dodgeball?


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